Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Moments of Pleasure

As a knitter, there are few pleasures greater than the promise of a new ball of yarn and the first casting of a project. Today, I cast on with a new yarn that I'm experimenting with (Bendigo Spring Cotton). It's a cotton with some lycra in it, which makes it a lot more elastic than normal cotton. It's a beautiful feeling yarn and I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out in the real (as we all know...swatches are notoriously unreliable!).

Also, very importantly, it is also the start of a new project...a beanie, which is one of my favourite things to knit. It is an all-weather beanie - which takes care of summer, autumn and spring when it is not cold enough to really justify a woolly but just chilly enough to be uncomfortable. Sometimes it is wonderful to have a small, manageable project that you can see the end in sight!

Finally, the last of today's knitterly moments of pleasure - a full half hour of uninterrupted knitting in one of my favourite yarn stores / coffee shop, Woolly Latte. Bliss!

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