Sunday, 15 January 2012

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Summer is definitely here...we're averaging 36 degrees celsius during the daytime and the nights are not cooling down to mid-20s. It is officially hot! And hot weather is not a knitter's best friend. Wool knitting at 36 degrees is in the "way beyond crazy" territory unless of course you are blessed with very efficient air-conditioning.

This weekend we escaped the heat to the beautiful south west of Western Australia in Busselton which has beautiful sandy beaches. We had two perfect days of beach playing, a little socialising and lazing in air-conditioned comfort. We had invited one of our eldest son's kindy friends and his family and it was great having four little boys running about with each other, some adult conversation and fish and chips!

We even did the most Australian of in the park.

Even on such trips, the knitting is never far away and it is amazing what you can get done a little bit here and a little bit there. My mum gave me a wonderful gift that makes knitting out and about a breeze - it's a small zipped knitting bag that holds just enough to have one project (including a big 200g Bendigo ball), needles, tape measure and scissors. My apologies for the poor picture - it was taken on the way back up to Perth in the car. The bag also helps keeping the yarn from falling out all over the car on the way down! It was made by one of the ladies from the Village Pedlar in Balingup, a great place that I go to every time I'm down that way.

Also, got a bit of a knitting fix by visiting a wonderful little yarn and quilting shop called the Blue Box in Busselton. There is a great range of all ply yarn (English and Italian yarns) and even some cool designs for children by the Blue Box team. I couldn't resist getting a simple garter stitch sweater pattern for toddlers.

All in all, a wonderful's summertime and the knitting is easy!

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