Thursday, 19 January 2012

Yarn Bombing Hurray!

Today was my first ever yarn bombing experience. It was a community event organised by the City of Stirling (as mentioned a few blogs ago) and held right next to the beach. The end result of today's and Saturday's workshops will be fixed around Scarborough Amphitheatre in time for the start of the Summer Festival on February 3rd. Very exciting!

It all started off with each participant donating some wool (great opportunity for me to de-stash..and perhaps justify future yarn purchase?) and we also had lots of wool donated at the local libraries. See below my offering.

We were probably about 30 people at our most busy in the room and over the time we would have probably had over 40 people in at some stage. We were all knitting or crocheting in all sorts of styles and colours. We even had a fair number of first timers including children which made it all the more fun. It was amazing to see how everyone knitted, the colours and styles they chose and also the speed with which some of them knit! I think we all enjoyed having a good chat and a knit. You'll see the table in front of us was piled high with yarn of all sorts.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at yarn bombing and meeting all the wonderful knitters, especially Eleanora! If you get a chance to get down to the next session on Saturday, do so, it is great fun.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of our finished pieces but will make sure I get down to the beach front to take photos of the end result.

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