Saturday, 25 February 2012

Baby Ben and Sneak Preview

Lots of things happened over the last few days! I got to meet little baby Ben, the little boy who inspired  the Elephant Family Baby Blanket . He is such a cutie and so placid, even with visitors and loud noises. Didn't get to hold him this time but am itching to do so next time...I know this is a terrible cliche but I had forgotten how small a newborn is. It surprises me every single time...despite my own experiences! It was also so lovely to have time to catch up with his mummy and have a chance to talk without interruptions (ie. three gorgeous but noisy boys running around at the same time).

Knitting wise, I've finished the little vest for my youngest, just need to weave in the ends. I'm very happy with it and have started a size up for eldest in a mixture of Bendigo Rondo Ocean Spray (a lovely turquoise) and Bendigo Luxury 4ply Koala shade (brown). The Rondo yarn is not as soft as the Luxury but the mixture will make it very wearable. So far, the yarns have a beautiful stitch definition, which gives quite a different finish from the Patons Jet. Photos coming soon.

Also, we had another photoshoot of beautiful knitted products from the "Night Owl Knitter". Here's a little sneak peak of the wonderful necklaces coming to A Passionate Yarn website shortly. I'm itching to get a couple more for myself but hmmm, must restrain myself!

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