Sunday, 5 February 2012

Baking and Knitting...What More Could You Want?

Today was spent doing just the things I love. In the morning, I got to spend time finishing up a couple of new patterns for lace scarves....sneak preview shortly. One is for a simple skinny scarf and the other is a little feminine lace scarf for those days when you feel like a little French twist on a summer day. My lovely test knitter has also finished one of the Claudine Beanies so that will be up soon too. I can't wait to put these up on the A Passionate Yarn website when it's ready.

In the afternoon, it was time to bake for the first time in weeks! The temperature dropped for a couple of days and we were able to use our put it to good use...baked veggies, frittata, homemade meatballs and banana bread...hence, not so much time for blogging. The boys helped with making a banana bread each and covered in sticky dough...very funny! Tasted delicious though.

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