Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bumps in the Road

Sometimes when you think you're making headway in a particular area, an unexpected setback comes your way that turns your daily routine around for a little while. Well, in our particular case, after the big summer cold/flu and various other health niggles, and with school started again, we thought we were in the home straight. Unfortunately, one of my eldest son's little friends got diagnosed with whooping cough and given both my boys have symptoms, they're in the strange limbo land of quarantine and antibiotics for the next 4 days! There is quite a whooping cough epidemic at the moment and while for the boys it may not be too bad, it is awful for little unfortunately no seeing my friend's little baby for quite a while!

However, on the plus side, more time at home so perhaps an excuse for extra knitting?? Of course, this has to be really plain knitting given the level of tiredness. I've started little plain cotton garter stitch t-shirt done in one piece that is a slight modification of the Blue Box's Kwiknit Jumper pattern. Not sure yet which baby it will be for - my cousin's or my friend's. Here's a picture of it so far - it is knitted in Bendigo Cotton 8ply in Latte colour. The picture shows the back of the sweater with half of the sleeve done.

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What do you knit when you're feeling tired?

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