Thursday, 16 February 2012 wool, new projects!

We've weathered the whooping cough (fortunately turned out the boys didn't have it) and the house is sunny and bright again....So new projects, hooray!!!

I'm gearing up for two new wool vests for the boys in 12 ply so they should be satisfyingly quick knits. As it gets colder inside houses than outside most of the time in Perth (insulation is not that great) - a vest for after bathtime or early in the morning in autumn/winter is really perfect. Both boys have worn theirs to death and my youngest's unfortunately got shrunk (a very beautiful dark brown Bilby yarn).

Plus I have to admit to a bit of bargain shopping at Spotlight recently which resulted in acquiring a great yarn and colour for my youngest son's vest. I don't know about you but I can never turn down a wool bargain...especially a beautiful colour like this mixed blue Jet! I've only just cast on but am very excited about the prospect of spending time knitting something for the boys.

Photo Copyright A Passionate Yarn
My youngest this morning had pulled out of the cupboard a stash of finished objects and was busily parading around with each item. Of course, Mum had to join the fashion parade as well! In doing this, it reminded me so much of the joy it gives both boys to get something that is handmade that I had to get a move on as fast as possible! (I know this joy of the handmade will go very soon and perhaps they may come to appreciate it again when they themselves have's hoping!).

In other yarn acquisitions, I've bought two balls of Patons Emotion, which feels deliciously soft (it's part merino and part cashmere)....heavenly! I'm thinking of making a pair of fingerless lace mitts out of these for a birthday present. I think it will be a real thrill to knit with something so pleasing to the touch.

Photo Copyright A Passionate Yarn

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