Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Website!

We're very proud to launch our new website, A Passionate Yarn. After deciding to start the business in December last year, the journey undertaken to get to this point has been a wonderful, totally new and thrilling adventure. It has been made possible by an amazing team of people, most important of all, my husband.

He believed in me and backed me 100% to take on this adventure. He has assisted every step of the way in setting up the website, providing ongoing moral support and providing invaluable advice. He is my rock and greatest love.

There are a lot of other people who have made this possible - while I can't name everyone who has provided their moral support (you know who you are!), I would like to particularly thank the following people:
  •  Kristen and my mum for the push that was needed for me to take the first step and have provided moral support along the way;
  • Anna-Birgitte (Photography by AnnaBirgitte) whose photography and motivational support have made such as difference;
  • Skye, Giselle, Neve and Jordi who graciously modeled and assisted with the photography;
  • Skot, Doug, Simone, Skye and Jayne who tested the website and provided a multitude of advice over the last few months;
  • Diana for being a test knitter and an enthusiastic supporter; and
  • Jamie and Jan for sharing their range and their ideas.
I hope you enjoy this knitting adventure with us!

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