Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Satisfying Knit

Having started on my 12 ply vest late on Thursday....and only really got into it on Saturday, it was very exciting to have finished the front of the vest for my youngest son by the end of the evening! A size six too! While it is wonderful to see a beautiful piece of lace come alive through weeks of hard work and finally materialise at the blocking stage, it is also so satisfying to instantly  see your project evolve and progress under your very eyes. The colour looks really beautiful too....very Scottish seaside, which  my youngest should really like it...hopefully! There is also something really comforting and old world about knowing that you are preparing your family for the cold, even it is 35 degrees celsius outside (I know, these crazy Australian knitters!).

Photo Copyright A Passionate Yarn
Another exciting development this weekend was a delivery of beautiful knitted necklaces and wraps from "the Night Owl Knitter of Balingup", ready for the opening of the A Passionate Yarn website in a couple of weeks. I'm always fascinated by what she creates and how lovely they all feel next to your skin....long gone are those days of itchy wool! Her own story is really interesting but that is a tale for another day....

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