Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Typical Day For Us

When I started the A Passionate Yarn adventure not too long ago, it was really for two reasons - one was to follow my passion and the other was to create a flexible working life that would work for my family and me. Now a few months on, I had to laugh as my husband and I today shared a wonderful, topsy-turvy working day with our kids.

As we got up and prepared for school, I took on the lunch preparation,  breakfast, and dressing up duties, while my husband worked at his computer. I took my big boy to his Pre-Primary class while my husband did the laundry and looked after our little guy. We sorted out some business matters together and then went with our youngest to the shops, doing the post office rounds at the same time. We had lunch all together - Japanese, my little guy's favourite. He was enthusiastically forking his Katsu Chicken and rice into his mouth and checking on my progress saying things like "Mum, make sure you taste the rice!"). He didn't mind so much we had done what he called "BORING" jobs (emphasis is all his style) with a lunch out.

In the afternoon, while my husband sorted out some technical issues and did his studies, our little guy and I played ice cream shop and egg hunt most enthusiastically. It was a very funny ice cream shop - it is the sort where you get whatever the shopkeeper wants you to get and this little shopkeeper was also determined that his clients shouldn't eat the ice cream until they were back at their homes....following them to make sure they did not eat anything!

We also baked banana, coconut and sultana bread (hmmm, took a while for my little boy to decide whether sultanas were a good idea or not) and a zucchini/bacon slice. Once we were done, time to pick up the big boy at school.

Once back from school, time for me to depart for my Board meeting while my husband took over bath and dinner duties. I came back to pick up the teeth-brushing, bed-time routine while he went off to his classes. And now,it's my time to work!

Tomorrow will be another combination of the above, with me working more out of the home but in the end, it will still contain all the things I love....my family, my husband and knitting!

Here's a little snapshot of my progress on my big boy's 12 ply vest (Bendigo Rondo and Bendigo Luxury)...I quite like the colours together....

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