Sunday, 25 March 2012

Baby Elephant Beanie and Pastries

Third Easter Beanie finished! It's for a little boy called Ben (another Ben!) who is turning one soon. The first picture is in Bendigo Luxury 4ply Koala colour.


 This little Baby Elephant beanie was created at the same time as the Elephant Family Baby Blanket and despite my good intentions, has been lurking on the to-be-completed-design pile. There are also a couple of other designs that are in that pile but should be seeing the light in the not-too-distant future. However, this challenge has given me the perfect opportunity to come back to it and it will soon be released! The two pictures below are in the same Bendigo Cotton 4ply as the original Elephant Family Baby Blanket.

 It is a very quick little beanie that you block over a bowl. Keep posted for its release in the near future!

On another matter, I also wanted to tell you about a great exhibition that is happening in Swanbourne, Western Australia. It combines two of my favourite things - pastries and photos of France! AnnaBirgitte who is the wonderful photographer behind a lot of A Passionate Yarn's photos, is having a photo exhibition at the Choux Cafe.


The photos show some of Emmanual's favourite places in Paris (he's the chef) and there is also a glimpse of AnnaBirgitte's new cards. I love the exhibition and the cards. I'll be definitely getting some of those cards...especially the pictures of the markets and pastries!

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