Sunday, 11 March 2012

Join the Great Easter Beanie Challenge!

For the last two years, I have set myself an Easter challenge, which is to make beanies as Easter presents for my boys, family and friends' children. It has become a bit of a tradition to give something woolly as well as chocolatey for Easter. My boys are still at the age where they are excited about the prospect of new beanies and these are eagerly anticipated and watched throughout the knitting process!

So here goes, the Great Easter Beanie Challenge, a knit-along where you can choose your own beanie patterns and your target number of beanies to finish before Easter Sunday. Keep us up to date on your progress and share the beautiful beanies you've created!

Every person who registers for the knit-along  and provides us with their target number of beanies gets a free Claudine Beanie knitting pattern and the chance to show your beanie creations. Click here to register. Looking forward to seeing the talented contributions!

This year, my personal target is to accomplish at least 4 beanies in the four weeks to Easter Sunday! Sounds doable but there is an interstate trip in between and some pretty busy times ahead....Never mind, I've dived into my stash and come up with the following potential candidates for the challenge (may change if I see better candidates!).
First beanie is underway...a Sid Beanie (by Georgie Hallam from Tikki Design) for my eldest boy. My apologies for the stunningly unattractive picture - at 40 degrees outside, not much time for a greatly thought out photo shoot!)

Every blog post I will update you on where I'm at with the challenge using this trusty beanie-o-meter. Happy knitting!

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