Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Minimalist Baby Chic?

We've just had the Labour Day long weekend in Western Australia, which was the perfect time to reconnect with friends and with all things knitting related.

The little cotton t-shirt I'm making for baby Ben got a good working out and is now near completion! It was the perfect type of knitting since counting stitches seemed a little too ambitious for my grey cells. I'm just doing the seams and need to add a slip stitch crochet border to the neck line (new experience!) and thinking of perhaps also embroidering or appliqueing something to the t-shirt as it is a very plain at this stage.....Or perhaps I should be thinking of it as minimalist, rugged country baby chic?

The other big event was the Perth Upmarket, where I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful Western Australian handmade items. It is so much fun seeing all kinds of crafts and what beautiful colours and textures people are putting together - a perfect way to spend a bit of 'me' time.  Jamie Sinclair was at the markets with her beautiful range of beanies and accessories for babies and children (cotton-based). It was so great to see her stall be constantly surrounded by people and fortunately she also had two other lovely family members come to help out. Her Owl Earflap Hat which is coming to our store soon also sold out - not surprising given it is a really cute design!

Apart from Jamie's stall there were a few crochet stalls and three stores that had some form of knitting in them. I can't wait until winter when hopefully the knitted arts come into their own! I have to admit buying woollen beanies or berets when the temperature is hitting 37 degrees and the sun is beating down requires true devotion to all things knitting...

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