Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Scarlet O'Beanie

Easter Beanie number four is well underway, about a third of the way through I'd say. I'm making a Claudine Beanie in a scarlet colour (Bendigo Spring Cotton - Spring Rose). It is actually something I'm really enjoying knitting. The scarlet is such a beautiful colour and in combination with the wheatfield/flower pattern, it reminds me a bit of a 1920s-inspired hat. I haven't quite decided who's Easter present this will be. If it fits me, I'm very tempted to snaffle it myself!

Yesterday, I happened to mention to a colleague that I knit and that knitting is something that I do in some shape or form everyday even if it is only for a little bit. In return, I got a rather embarassed look - a mixture of utter pity and one of those - oh my god, she's a lunatic! I think this is quite a common experience for many knitters these days. Especially from people who only remember knitting as something grandmas do and something that was not a particularly welcome gift. Sometimes you get a follow up of -" Isn't knitting dead?" or "I just don't know where you get the time. I'm just too busy for that". However, occasionally you get someone's eyes light up and an enthusiastic response - either a knitter in the making , a lapsed knitter who s just waiting for an excuse to start up again or another diehard knitter. That response is always so rewarding and it always makes for a much brighter day. The rest of the responses - well, I just ignore them....after all, they probably wouldn't like me to comment on their golf, Wii or karaoke habits, would they?!

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