Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sid Beanie

What a week to pick for the start of the Great Easter Beanie Challenge! So hot and so much non-knitting work to do! Nevermind, finding those little opportunities to knit is always great fun.

Just a quick reiteration of the challenge:
  • I have to meet the target of at least four beanies by Easter Sunday.
  • Feel free to join me in the challenge - love to hear your goals and where you are up to.
  • If you register in the challenge,you get to a free Claudine Beanie pattern and the opportunity to have your beanies showcased on this blog! No pressure...and no promotional advertising. There may even be a little giveaway at the end ;-). Click here to register

My Sid Beanie is taking shape. Have advanced from the main body to the quicker part of the last part of the decrease. The picture shown below is from yesterday, when I was slightly less advanced. I'm finding it a great experience to ditch the DPNs and go for a small circular needle - it's the first time I've actually done that. Still love my straights though!

My eldest boy, who is now 5, has a fascination for colourful beanies and so I hope this one ticks his boxes. This is one of the beanies he asked me to make when he was 3. It had to be a multicoloured rainbow beanie with matching scarf. Here are some pictures of the then proud new owner!

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