Sunday, 18 March 2012

Stripey Slouchy Beanie

It's been a very strange weekend with utterly no knitting involved due to my youngest and I being sick. I know, jaw dropping to say the least knowing me and not very good for the Easter Beanie Challenge. Compounding the knitting for an extra two days while I'm away interstate...yikes!

So....standstill for the Great Easter Beanie Challenge.

But the good news is that I think I've found the perfect beanie for my youngest son. It's the Stripey DoubleKnit Slouch by Madmonkey. He has a very strong fondness for slouchy beanie. This became very obvious to us last year when he loved passionately the worst beanie I have ever made. Not kidding! It was meant to be adult-sized made with curly, bobbly yarn and had a shape resembling the top of a tomato where the stem sits. It came out as an amorphous blob of a hat, which I could not bring myself to give to my brother-in-law, who was to be the original recipient for this hat. So this hat was first stuck in my eldest's room as a dress-up and then somehow was found by my youngest and it hasn't left him. Here he is wearing the beanie, hard at work drawing one morning (all males in this household wear beanies in the morning inside the house in winter!):

So hopefully this new beanie will be a suitable replacement in my son's eyes. It is going to be made from Bendigo Luxury 8ply in Oceanic as the main colour and Baby Blue for the stripes. See below.

Now to psych myself up for another two days of not knitting....

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