Thursday, 29 March 2012

Target Met!

Easter Beanie Four is now complete and my Beanie has been officially met....ok, somewhat sneakily I must admit since there is a baby beanie in the mix but as I go by my own rules, it still counts! So, here are some pictures of the latest, a Claudine Beanie in scarlet for my niece aged almost two. I was very tempted to keep it but they'll look so much cuter in it!

I have to tell you that to take these pictures of my youngest modelling the beanie,  a hard bargain had to be struck first. As he quite rightly noted - "This beanie is not for me", followed by the equally compelling argument "I don't like pink beanies". The deal was as follows assistance in the fast clean up of Duplo by Mum followed by puzzle-making in return for taking these pictures.I think he modelled it very well!

There's still about another week to run on the Great Easter Beanie Challenge so I've got a bit of choice on what I will do next. I still have a beanie to do for my lovely husband and will be swatching a beautiful red handspun tonight to see what pattern I could use. However, I might sneak in a little beanie that I've been really itching to design.....maybe something with a snail theme. We shall see!

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