Saturday, 28 April 2012

Autumn-Winter Knitting Plans

It's one of those days today, where planning for the next few months of knitting makes sense (especially when you already have four projects on the needles at the moment). So, I thought I'd share my plans and hopefully you'll see a corresponding set of finished objects in the next few months! I've put four broad buckets of things that I'd like to accomplish and then I'm sure others will creep in!

A) Imminent Baby Arrivals
There's a new little niece or nephew on the way for late June so I'm getting very excited! I'm planning to deck this little baby out in knitterly love and thinking of doing a baby blanket, a little cardigan or vest and a hat along a garden theme. A very rough image of the baby blanket in Bendigo Luxury 4ply (Leaf colour) is shown below.
 Also on my wishlist is a little coat but we'll see how we go.

A colleague of mine is also having a little girl in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd make a little cotton t-shirt tunic for the baby in spring (Sep-Dec). I'm finishing up a couple of balls of Bendigo Cotton 8 ply that I had in my stash (Latte/Wild Lavender). I'm not so keen on the lavender by itself but with the Latte colour it provides a good contrast I think and a nice way of using up what could be left for quite a while in the stash.

B) Boys and Niece Clothes
I'm not doing too badly for the boys  having already made one set of 12 ply vests for them. I'm finishing off my nieces one as well. However, as they wear vests most of our short winter, I'm quite keen on making them another set of vests in 8ply this time. I also need an extra hat to go with the vest for my niece's second birthday.

C) Presents

Well, here is probably where the greatest stretch will be in terms of items creeping in. I've promised one of my sister-in-law's a shawlette which will have to happen in the next few weeks. I was also hoping to make something for mother's day. At this rate, it may be a lace headband for both to do their make up removal!

C) My Winter Wardrobe
For my own wardrobe, I'm harbouring under the great delusion that this will be the year where I make my own cardigans and that I won't be buying any in the shops! I've already got the periwinkle long cardigan and hoping to add another two!

The first is a drops lace cardigan worked sideways (see it here) which I'd like to make with the soon-to-be frogged cotton lace wrap. While I'd love to be a lady of wraps, I think I will need most of all this winter will be some cardigans that can keep up with the boys!

Lastly, (are you getting a sense that there is no way I'm ever going to manage all this list?), I'd also like to make either the razor cardi or the morning echo cardigan in a lovely red.

Ah well, there is nothing quite like setting high aspirations!

So after these Saturday musings, I leave you to make a special dinner for my boys (chocolate mousse is already in the fridge!).

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