Sunday, 22 April 2012

Balingup Adventures

We're just back from Balingup after a really wonderful long weekend down there. The scarecrows of Balingup were out in force! Here are a few of the brilliant ones we saw:

The Small Farm Field Day was a fantastic day out! AnnaBirgitte and I really loved meeting everyone and having a chat. It was a real pleasure to find a few passionate knitters among the crowd too and hear about their favourite wool adventures and sharing our favourite wool hang outs. I also heard some beautiful stories about people's memories of their favourite knitted items from their childhood/teenage years (everything from fine lace scarves, elephant jumpers, beanies). Jamie's beanies and headbands were very popular and Jan's necklaces also had many admirers. Even the patterns found homes so I was very pleased! For the moment, I have only one really grainy picture of the stall but hopefully I will be able to share a few others later.

The weather held out for us, even though it was quite windy with the occasional sprinkle of rain. As you can imagine with a stall full of cotton and wool knitwear plus AnnaBirgitte's cards, these weather related events were a bit of a challenge! But, we became very resourceful and adept at springing to the defense of cards, photo displays, etc. It did make AnnaBirgitte's job as photographer of the Field Day a little bit more tricky but she did a magnificent job!

However, you are probably asking yourselves, what happened to the boys while their mum was manning the stall (and my lovely husband stepped in for a bit as well!). Well, they had the time of their lives with Grandpa and Dad, spending time in a massive sandpit, doing circus tricks, seeing all the animals (particularly the chickens) and eating all the things they are not normally allowed - ice cream, doughnuts, fairy floss, more doughnuts and soft drink! However, Grandpa got to listen to a twenty minute talk about gardening, which is a tremendous feat considering the attention span of two very tired three and five year old boys!

It is with regret that we left Balingup after a beautiful few days there. It is always so peaceful and tranquil there and we always have such a great time with the wonderful people who live in this picturesque place. We'll be back soon!

 P.S.  For those of you wondering, I did redo the seams for my long periwinkle cardigan and am actually wearing it now! It took 3 hours of dedication to unstitch and redo but it was worth it! Little other knitting got done, too busy but I have started another beanie - more on that next week.

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