Sunday, 1 April 2012

Clone Wars Beanie

Easter Beanie Number Five is well on the way (about 60% there now). I'm making it for my lovely husband, who by the way, just finished setting up the A Passionate Yarn Pattern Store. The pattern store includes for sale and free patterns ranging from beanies, baby blankets, scarves to coasters. I'm still selling them on Ravelry but now they are also available from Check it out! More exciting patterns will be coming over the next few months! My creative thoughts have started flowing again and I'm knitting up a couple of ideas at the moment.

So back to Easter Beanie Number Five after this bit of self-promotion! I've chosen a lovely variegated red handspun which I had bought a while back from Bilby Yarns and was longingly touching ever so often, thinking that I had to put it to good use. After swatching, it turns out that it is actually a 12ply so I've adapted my usual beanie formula to take this into account. I'm working from my usual fall back basic pattern and adding to it elements of the Wurm Beanie by Katherine Nopp. I'm extending the beanie (as far as my ball of yarn allows) to make it a long, ribbed pointy beanie, much like one of the female Jedi's in the Starwars' Clone Wars (don't ask why I've been watching this lately). I know it is hard to tell with this picture but I think it should be right up my husband's alley. Beanies are a very important part of his winter wardrobe!

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