Monday, 16 April 2012

Countdown to the Market Has Started!

The countdown to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day has started in earnest. Given this is my first stall ever, there is loads to do!

Signs of preparation within the house:
  • Boxes have started appearing in odd parts of the bedroom.
  • Beanies, headbands and necklaces have all been lovingly tagged!
  • My checklist has stretched to fill an entire page and is overflowing on odd assortments of paper around the place.
  • Little white price stickers are appearing everywhere.
  • The measuring tape is in red hot demand - never enough to go around!
  • Balls of yarn are invading my desk.
  • The swift has come out of hiding.
AnnaBirgitte, whose stall I'm sharing, has also been very busy - she's building her new website and the pictures look amazing! I saw a couple photos last night of a scene at the Cottesloe Sculptures by the Sea in March and a field of wildflowers which were brilliant. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

In a few days, these signs of preparation may become a little more chaotic but at the moment, there is still a very excited and happy smile on my face!


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