Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Getting Back to Business

After a beautiful break down south, we're back home and all is as it should be. The washing machine is whirring away, getting through those piles of laundry from our voyages! The bags are mostly unpacked and a little knit is soaking away before being blocked (more on this later).

As expected, the Easter Bunny visited us on Sunday and very helpfully (?!) left footprints to tell us where he went, which aided our two intrepid Easter Egg Hunters no end.

We relaxed after all this Easter egg hunting with a long and joyful family lunch out on the deck soaking in the wonderful company and beautiful surroundings. Wouldn't you relax too looking at this?

The only slight downside to the whole getaway was.....well, do you remember me talking about contingencies and easy knitting alternatives a couple of posts back? Yes, as anticipated, illness did strike but not our boys thankfully! My poor husband got a gastro bug and I got the ear infection. So we did end up visiting the trusted after hours GP, only the patient was slightly bigger this time :-). However, it wasn't a big dampener on our long weekend and as we had many willing hands about, both the boys got looked after and we were able to recover well.

The easy knitting alternative was the one that got finished and is soaking presently in a lovely bath. It's a little vest for Ben's first birthday in 12ply (Patons Jet) - shown here in a non-blocked, non-sewn up state. I'm hoping to put this pattern to testing very soon as it is really quick and fits our little boys well.

The wild flower meadow wrap, shown in the previous post,had a little accident...but that is a story for another day.

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