Thursday, 5 April 2012

Great Easter Beanie Challenge at End!

Given I'll be off on Easter adventures for the next few days, I'm taking the opportunity to provide a little update on the final status of my personal Great Easter Beanie Challenge and share a few pictures. Five beanies made in four weeks.

It has been great fun to have an excuse to have multiple small projects finished with all different kinds of yarn and patterns. Here's a little summary of what I've made over these last four weeks.  I've enjoyed every moment of it!

Still haven't quite managed to make one for perhaps I'll be revisiting another beanie for myself a little later....maybe a slouchy beret?!

I've got to do a little packing now and the hardest thing of all is to decide what knitting I will be taking. It always takes me twice as long as my clothes packing! This time I'm going to be sensible and anticipate sleep deprivation...i.e. knitting has to include some project that is so simple to knit even when you're operating on four hours of sleep. I always forget this and always have grand ambitions of lovely lace knits when the reality of travelling with two little boys is very different. So while I flirted with taking the beautiful 4ply cashmere merino for a lace shawlette for my sister-in-law, I've put that back in the stash and am now toying between starting the epic sweater for my husband, an easy shawl or cardigan for me. I'm also bringing along a baby blanket I'm designing at the moment.

Hope you have an excellent Easter Break - all the very best wishes for a happy, relaxing time with friends and family !

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