Thursday, 12 April 2012

Join A Passionate Yarn at the Markets!

Very exciting news! I'll be joining AnnaBirgitte from Photography by AnnaBirgitte at her stall at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day on Saturday 21st April. Balingup is a very picturesque and crafty village about 245 km south of Perth, Western Australia - one of my favourite places!

The Small Farm Field Day is a wonderful day that is all about promoting the hobby farm and all the arts surrounding it, including spinning, knitting and other handicraft. As a family we've been going for about 7-8 years now and it is always great fun with lots of things for the boys to see and do - farm animals, demonstrations, eating, pony rides. Find out more about it here. I'm looking forward to have a bit of a peek at all the yarn!

This is a really terrible picture of the boys, me and their mamie (grandma) at the Field Day last year but it give you a bit of an indication of the fun to be had!

I'll be bringing a selection of Jamie's and Jan's lovely handmade accessories for babies, children and women as well as a small selection of printed knitting patterns for sale. Come for a look at the beautiful knitwear, AnnaBirgitte's amazing French and Western Australian cards and of course, a yarn!

I'll also be displaying Jamie's newly-arrived stunning and oh so cute Owl Earflap Hats for boys and girls! These will be up on our website on Monday.

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