Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nightcap Beanie

After a bit of a mammoth knit (for a beanie), the Nightcap Beanie was finished early today. Remember I said that my brief for this hat was that it had to be long, pointy at the end, verging on the ridiculous and I had thought of making something Star Wars inspired. It seems to be ticking my husband's boxes anyway and was happy to model it as a nightcap A Passionate Yarn style. This beanie was loosely inspired by the Wurm Beanie and adapted to my own formula.

 I had slight  moments of doubt before I put it on my husband's head as it was a very different shape from what I usually make but I'm a convert now.

So this means that Easter Beanie Number Five is finished and I'm having a bit of a struggle with myself as to whether I have another beanie in me before the Great Easter Beanie Challenge deadline of Easter Sunday. We shall see....The pile of other knitting is looking very tempting though :-) ! Stay posted!


By the way, here's my husband's idea of a good joke - Fish Beanie!

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