Wednesday, 16 May 2012

An Almost Finished Cardi

Well, here we are Wednesday night and I had thought I would have my new little Kiera's cardi to show you. Unfortunately, I wasn't organised enough the last two days to take a picture of the piece, which is complete apart from the double crochet finishing around the armholes and the all important button! I'm experiencing real indecision with this button - it will either be a little wooden flower button (but it has a slight orange case which is not so great with the scarlet of the cardigan) or a slightly contrasting plastic button.

 I hope to give you a quick update perhaps tomorrow with the finished product (even if it is in its unblocked state). I'm really quite happy with how it turned out and am planning to have a number of different types of cardigans and vests rolling off the production line over the next two months. The idea is to develop my skills by experiencing many different types of design - great fun!

What I can show you now is how our little veggie patch is growing - we planted it a few weeks ago and there are definite signs that beetroots, turnips, chard, broccoli and peas are growing. Very exciting!!

Rainbow Chard Seedlings Settling In

Beetroot and Turnips Springing Up

We're already harvesting our oranges!

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