Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Baby Projects Update

I'm so excited. We've got our vegetable patch all ready for winter. My youngest and I put in some seedlings for broccoli, chard, beans and leeks, which was great fun! So was the emergency dash to the shops to get some snail pellets to protect our little seedlings!

So on this beautiful autumn day, where we actually were cold in the morning (yay!), I'm making the resolution to start updating you on a regular basis on my autumn knitting list from the last post. This should motivate me to get through my list and perhaps stick to my knitting!

So here is an update on the little baby's T-shirt tunic (9-12 months) for my colleague's soon-to-be-born daughter in Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton. It's going quite well and I'm down to the last bit to the base of the tunic and need to the edge around the sleeves. I will add a little motif on it - would really like to make a snail but it might also be nice to have a flower or a butterfly on it.

This is one of the projects I've been doing as a quick win - you always need those to balance the other projects! I should explain that I usually have a number of projects on the go with differing degrees of difficulty and different sizes. I always need at least one challenging/new project, a small project for quick wins and a brain-dead knitting project. This last one is a very necessary one as the clock edges past 8-8.30pm!

Next post, I'll be able to show you the little cream Train Driver Vest for my niece (I might also manage a little hat for her...).

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