Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beating the Winter Blues

There are hundreds of reasons why people knit and why the pleasure of this simple craft sustains many throughout their lives. I love knitting for lots of reasons such as its calming influence, the creative aspect and the joy of sharing knitted gifts with loved ones.

I discovered another key reason only the last year -  it really helps keep the winter blues to a minimum. From adolescence I've noticed that my mood was always distinctly darker during the winter months, very much determined by the amount of sunshine around. While in Australia this is slightly less of a problem, I have found difficult at times to motivate myself in winter.

However, since I've been knitting the winter blues have been kept to a minimum.  If they do surface, the knowledge that I have a little knitted something on the go with the promise of many little treats for others and myself is enough to keep me bubbling along. If a little extra oomph is needed, well visiting my local yarn store usually does the trick!

Baby Cardigan Has Been Cast On!

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