Saturday, 5 May 2012

Finger Knitting Fun

On Friday I learned to finger knit at the Dianella Library's Stitch and Chat. It was a wonderful experience to do something entirely different which is as playful as finger painting! Our teacher, the very patient and gentle Captain Plaknit with a passion for yarn bombing, (her blog is here) was great at getting such a diverse age group to work together (from about 8 to in the late 70s - early 80s). There was even a whole family of three different generations of women! In less than an hour, this is what I made (picture is courtesy of my big 5 year old!):

 This is how it starts out!

Fired up by this new skill, I taught my lovely husband that evening - both boys being too cactus to even really catch on. However, they were pretty keen to try it out this morning and, with a bit of combined effort, all the favourite teddies will now be warm this winter!

I might be inspired to try something different with this new to get the thinking cap on!

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