Thursday, 31 May 2012

Long Weekend

The June long weekend is upon us and we are set to go to Balingup! It should be a beautiful time down there with the cold misty mornings and hopefully a bit of sunshine. We stay at my parent's place. It is so much fun just going around their property and doing little visits down to the village. Two of my favourite places are the French bakery run by Roslyn and Jean-Marie and the Village Pedlars, which is a true collective of handmade crafty items made by the locals. I love the aprons, quilts and various knits I find there.

So, we come to the tricky moment. As you may already know, I don't find packing for myself or the boys particularly onerous but the packing of my knitting....well that takes twice as long as my clothes. This time around it should be fairly simple. I'm taking my DROPS cardigan which is now very close to 80cm.....almost to the second armhole! I'm also taking the little cardigan I'm making for my sister-in-law's soon to be born little mystery. I'm itching to start on something else ....another cardigan for a little girl or baby perhaps. I've been dreaming of a little lacy pink baby cardigan....I think this will be the element that will wait until the last minute for the final decision!

My new Serenade wool also arrived yesterday (it's a beautiful 80% merino, 20% bamboo from Bendigo Woollen Mills just released). I've earmarked it for another cardigan for myself - the Moch Cardi by Gudrun Johnston (The Shetland Trader). It incorporates my favourite fishtail lace pattern and is the perfect long sleeve flattering shape. I 've really been looking for a bright, reddish cardigan and the combination of the pattern and the Hibiscus colour should work well.

 The picture below shows the yarns I've been obsessed with lately -  the new Serenade Hibiscus (4 round balls), along with the Frog Tree Pediboo Yarn and the Bilby Yarn 4 ply at the bottom. Notice anything about them?

It only dawned on me today that they're all in really similar shades!! I'll have to get this out of my system soon and a three hour drive may be just the place to work it through.....just kidding, need to get on to those baby clothes!

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