Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day

This morning I woke up with a cry for help at 5.15am from my youngest and after soothing him and climbing into his bed to help him get back to sleep, I was reflecting that it was a very appropriate start to Mother's Day! Having a little boy who was delighted to snuggle up to his mum to get back to sleep is a wonderful way to express the love that is between children and their mum (and vice versa).

I was also very privileged to receive a beautiful tealight holder made by my eldest, who had manfully kept his secret for an entire week and was just dying to give me his gift. He was so proud and it looks very sparkly. My lovely husband also made a wonderful two course breakfast which the boys highly approved of! The rest of the morning was spent in great company with another amazing mum and her little boy, playing pirates, climbing into treehouses and even making a small bonfire in the garden - a real adventure!

As for the knitting, well, after a week of not being able to do much at all, I've done a little bit more on my own DROPS cardigan and also started a little girl's cardigan called "Keira's Cardi", a pattern from The Blue Box in Busselton. It's a simple sleeveless cardigan with an interesting twist to the collar and shoulders  It's made with the hardy Bendigo Woollen Mills Spring Cotton in 8ply - the colour is Spring Rose.

I'm making it in a size 12-18 months but I'm not quite sure who it is going to yet. I've realised there will be a call for a lot more gifts in the very near future so have to get cracking on my collection!

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