Sunday, 20 May 2012


We've just come back from the Defence Airshow at Pearse Air Base. It was a great day - over 25 degrees, beautiful sunshine and lots of planes to see. The boys were very impressed by the Super Hornets.Now everyone is very tired. It was a very long day and a lot of walking for little legs, which needed to be sustained by an amazing array of food!

On the way to the air base I was doing my first armhole for the DROPS lace cardigan I'm making with the Linbel wool (now discontinued) from my French aunt's stash. It is a real test of persistence, hence the name of today's blog. I think I discovered the black hole of knitting that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talks knit and knit and knit and yet the piece doesn't seem to grow any longer - even when you've spent hours on it and therefore should logically have grown. It has taken me absolutely ages to get to the 37cm required to start the first armhole construction.

This is an interesting construction as it is essentially a rectangle with two holes in it for the arms and is worked as one large piece. Therefore, while this is a wonderfully easy knit, it requires real patience to endure the rows required.

I have also been battling my yarn a little - Linbel by Phildar (a cotton/linen/acrylic blend) which has a beautiful four tone natural shade. After having problems of entanglement and huge messy knots in my second and third balls, I've now decided to unwind and remake all the balls into tighter, tangle free balls. Hopefully this should speed up the process and also reduce the Grrrrr....factor. Onwards and upwards I say! Even if nothing else comes of it, I'm doing my bit to show my eldest boy persistence in action (the life skill he is learning about at school at the moment)!


  1. The cardigan is looking good and I'm glad you're persistent with it. Don't you just love it when knitting can illustrate a life lesson? :) Good luck with rewinding the balls. Hand winding or ballwinder?

    1. Thanks Melissa. A very apt lesson indeed! I've rewound two balls by hand as I was in the car to the air show but the others will be done by ball winder. It's making a difference though to the tangle factor so well worth doing.