Thursday, 24 May 2012

Perth Craft and Quilt Fair: Review from Knitter's Perspective

I made it today to the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair and what an adventure it was! Little B, my three year old little boy, and I did the trek to the Perth Convention Centre in the bus - as Little B is very fond of buses. It was a very packed out even even for a Thursday morning and the first impression was of lots of colour, fabric and glitter.

There were all kinds of crafts represented with the main focus being on needle/stitch-based crafts such as quilting, sewing and embroidery with a good smattering of beads. If you are a multi-faceted crafter this is the place for you - lots of different crafts to try and buy. If you are purely into knitting or crochet, the pickings are quite slim. Of the five yarn stores, there were four yarn stores of interest:

a) Woolly Lattes - Always one of my favourites! They had a selection of interesting yarns on sale (like Vienna by Naturally Yarns) and their staff were really friendly and happy to chat despite being very busy.
Naturally Vienna Yarn in Purple from Woolly Latte

b) Dairing - One of two really interesting yarn places. It had a selection of very different yarns including a stainless steel based one (I'd only read about it in the Yarn Harlot). They also have a range of ultra-modern, deconstructed-type designs that are also interesting. Very daring!

c) Prudence Mapstone - This was my favourite yarn store of the day. Prudence had a great range of yarn (not your usual varieties) at very reasonable prices. She also has a very interesting freeform-based knitting and does knitting workshops! Unfortunately given Little B's attention span was waning, I didn't get to explore much of it but will be looking up her website. This is the lovely rasberry coloured Frog Tree Pediboo Sock Yarn I bought from her.

Frog Tree Pediboo Sock Yarn from Prudence Mapstone

d) Jenny King Design - Jenny King was running crochet workshops and had also an interesting range of yarns including recycled sari silk and the Lotus Yarn range, which is a new yarn from China. This yarn has some beautiful colours and a soft texture, although a little more expensive . So if you're interested in crochet, this is the place to go to.

What else did we do apart from shopping and morning tea? Well Little B and I made some cards/tags with Sonia Thompson. I don't think this was meant as an activity for little kids but to Sonia's credit - she didn't bat an eyelid and she taught us both. I think the end result didn't turn out too badly! (I'm still not really sure what you're meant to do with them but they are very decorative).

There were workshops you could attend but none that really suited me or my little boy. No knitting workshops but I think there was one crochet workshop.

Would I go again? Well, if I went with other crafty girlfriends then probably yes as you would get enthused about heaps of things outside your own particular area of interest. Probably not for the yarn/knitting unless there is more next year.  Not sure if next year Little B will be as patient!

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