Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Questions Knitters Ask Each Other

As so often happens, you strike up a conversation with someone and after a bit of talking, you realise that you are both knitters - wonderful! After you've established how many years you've been practising this craft, what's the next thing knitters ask each other? Well of course, it is - where do you buy your yarn? This simple question is cause for much passionate and fun discussion as you compare haunts and discover, usually that you have many places in common!

Each time I get asked the question, I find that well, I actually go to all the local yarn stores in Perth for very different reasons and in their own way, I enjoy all of them! Here's my run down in no particular order:

  1. Woolly Latte - The name says it all really. It has a wonderful friendly atmosphere where you can knit and have a coffee plus look at knitting books! Its yarn selection is more limited than the other yarn stores but you can find some beautiful English yarn and also on occasion some beautiful lace yarn.
  2. Crossways Wool and Fabric and its sister store, Yarns on Collie - Both of these stores stock a really wide range of yarn from an extensive range of Australian /New Zealand to beautiful imported yarns. They're both great places for a browse to get inspiration and find that special yarn.
  3. Calico and Ivy - Well, they're the ultimate in inspirational yarn. Stunning luxury yarn, displayed beautifully, complemented by motivational, awe-inspiring finished objects made from the stocked yarns. Not the place to go when you're on a knitting budget but I always walk out of there with amazing yarn and enthusiasm for knitting.
  4. Bilby Yarns - This is a real knitter's paradise with lovely handspun, hand-dyed yarns as well as fleece and naturally coloured yarns. Friendly atmosphere too!  It is a bit off the beaten track but I always end up with some wonderful yarn.
  5. Spotlight - Yes one is immune to a bargain. I have to admit that I mainly go there if I know a sale is on or if I've run out of a run of the mill brand and need a quick replacement. It's not the place for inspiration but it's handy anyway and who doesn't love yarn on sale!

Awaiting knitting inspiration for this beautiful handspun wool!
I also shop online for wool.....but that's a different story!

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