Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Relaxing Weekend...

It is lovely at times to stop a bit from all the bustle and activity and take the time to enjoy the little things as a family. This weekend was exactly that for us. Nothing hugely exciting but a series of little adventures and moments with friends and as a family. We even managed to spend time beautifying the garden and baking!

One of our little adventures was to Kings Park, where we went to the walkway, which is a beautiful treetop walk with a fairly spectacular bridge across the tall trees. We hadn't been for at least six months or more and it was beautiful to do it when all the surrounding park is green. The boys were fascinated by the water jets and my eldest was pretending to magic the jets to go up and down!

As part of the relaxing weekend, I had promised myself a bit of time working on a project for DROPS cardigan. Here is a picture of it in the making (it made with Phildar LinBel - the yarn that I rescued from the frogged wrap from Easter). It's an easy lace pattern which is basically worked as a rectangle with holes for the arms so perfect for TV and general relaxation!

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