Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Time to Get Cracking!

So I've been patiently plugging away at my DROPS cardigan and have now completed a total of 50cm with another 75cm to go, despite my mind being filled with a variety of other exciting projects.

However, my one track-minded attention to the cardigan will need to give way to the needs of another. We're about a month away from having a new little niece or nephew and I seriously need to get cracking on the presents I would like to give to this little baby. The snail baby blanket is underway (about a third of the way) but needs some serious quality time devoted to it. I've only added two lines since I last showed it to you.

 In addition I'd like to make a little jacket and hat in a similar snail theme. However, I am still deciding what the colour might be.  I was originally thinking of having leaf green with perhaps a brown edge but I'm thinking of perhaps varying the colour to a crimson.

In case you're wondering the crimson 4ply is from Bilby Yarns and the brown alternative is a Bendigo Luxury 4ply (in Koala brown). The colour of the Koala Brown is a little darker than shown in this picture - more of a mid-brown colour.

The question to ask is whether the crimson would also suit a boy? Hmmmm....the jury is still out on which way to lean. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have a suggestion...

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