Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Baby Project Update - Deadline is Looming

A very quick update today on my various projects on the go...a busy week ahead :-).There are a couple of new ones which have snuck in!

A) Snail Odyssey Baby Blanket - Well, I made excellent progress on the weekend once I got the courage to drop a stitch down 21 rows and do them back up in garter stitch. It worked fine despite the yarn sticking a bit in places. So excellent progress was made until I hit the tiredness of Sunday and yesterday and realised I'd made some quite fundamental mistakes over 4 rows which need to be taken back tonight and redone. I'll get there.. Very bad flash picture here:

B) Pink Frog Tree Yarn Baby Sleeveless Cardigan - Ahem, yes that sneaked under the radar and I hadn't told you about this one yet. This is in case the new little baby of the family turns out to be a girl. It's a very quick piece that was done while too tired to do the baby blanket. I've almost finished the second front part so just a tiny bit of knitting, then blocking, seaming up and a little embellishment.

C) Test Knit - Oh yes, just in case I didn't have enough on, there was this cute little baby beanie that needed to be tested. More on this later. At the moment, I've only just cast on and it is due at the end of the month. I'm doing it in the left over 8ply Bendigo wool from Little B's Slouch Beanie (Oceanic and Baby Blue).

D) My Sleeveless DROPS Cardigan - Just about 10% of the knit remaining - very little in fact and I'm dying to finish it off soon. It will have to wait for the baby knits to be finished. I think it will look good after a little washing and blocking!

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