Monday, 4 June 2012

Balingup Long Weekend Part 1 - Bridgetown for Knitters

A slight delay with this post due to some computer glitches down south but what a beautiful winter long weekend! The sun shone, the leaves were all golden and the cold thankfully stayed away each day, which allowed us to do a lot of exploring! We've found a few new places to try, lots of lovely food to eat and some excellent time tucked cosily away knitting!

On Saturday we visited Bridgetown which is about 20 minutes south of Balingup and is quite seriously the coldest place in Western Australia. It is a beautiful old town and we really haven't spent enough time there. This time we got to check out a couple of stores which fellow crafters should not miss in the area:

A) WAG Walters Emporium - This place is a real treasure trove of gift items ranging from garden ornaments to quilts, crafty books to amazing jewellery. It's a riot of colour with new and interesting combinations everywhere. They even had a little toy tractor which entertained the boys while I got to have a little look around! A quirky find with lots of interesting items suitable for a range of gifts. I dare you to leave the store without a little something for yourself as well!

B) Gentle Era - A little oasis of yarn, fabric and general haberdashery in the main street of Bridgetown. Of particular interest is the range of Naturally yarns - in particular the Loyal range, some great little buttons for kid's clothes and also a surprising range of patches. So pop in and I think you'll find a number of friendly knitting enthusiasts. I know I said that I would be looking for little girl colours but I ended up buying two balls of a gorgeous blue,green, pale grey and white to make an 8 ply baby cardigan - at least that is my current thinking!

I leave you today with another scene from Bridgetown. Tomorrow, I'll show you some unmissable places in Balingup for the knitter and/or craft lover - Jalbrook Alpaca and The Village Pedlars!

The knitting is progressing really well so I should be able to show you in a few days some interesting little items! I've finished the main body of the baby cardigan (hoping to block it tonight) and I'm just finishing off the border around the second armhole for the DROPS cardigan. Isn't wonderful when you can have a great time with family, see lots of new things and knit!!

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