Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Balingup Long Weekend Part 3 (end) - Golden Sunshine and Treasures

An amazing place to see at this time of year is the Golden Valley Tree Park. The boys were fascinated by the autumn colours of the leaves around Bridgetown and Balingup and were picking them up in the street (We don't get as many deciduous trees in Perth and the colours are not quite as intense due to the lack of cold weather). Both boys wanted to make a leaf picture so my mum and I took them to the Golden Valley Tree Park, particularly the international tree collection.

They had a ball running around in the leaves and collecting all kinds of different shapes. I felt like a little girl again in Switzerland!

Lastly but not least, I always visit The Village Pedlars for local handmade knitwear, quilts, craft and preserves. This time I was particularly looking for something for my niece and they had just the thing - some very cute dolls clothes at very reasonable prices. It is open seven days and they're on the main street of Balingup.

So it is goodbye to Balingup for a little while but we'll be there soon again! I'm off to prepare for my lovely husband's birthday dinner!

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