Monday, 11 June 2012

Raining - A Brilliant Time for Colour

The thunderstorms have gathered over the sky over the last few days. Gusty winds have assaulted the house and garden and the rain has been pelting down. However, inside we're still snug and we've had a crafty few days (given the need to stay indoors). It has been a wonderful time to think about colour and the next few projects (after the baby knits). Here's my little bit of colour in the garden - hopefully it will survive the winds!

Speaking of baby knits, the baby blanket is back in prime knitting position and I was flying through it over the last two nights. I discovered a bit of a snag late last night - I'd accidentally shortened the garter border on one side by one stitch and so I will have drop over 30 rows to fix it. It is a bit daunting but I can't really afford the time to redo those thirty rows! Patience.....big breath and let's begin.... Otherwise, I'm almost half way with the blanket.

On a different note, if you're having a bit of a break between difficult knits or needing a pick me up for any other reason - it is worth a look through Dottie Angel - the peachy crafty world of tif fussell. It is a beautiful book, full of colour and quirky project ideas. It has a bit of everything in it and the photos are really inspirational. It has made me rethink my home decorations - a thought which had not seriously crossed my mind since I have had children (or only in a really fleeting way). This book was a perfect antidote last week to the misery of the weather.

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