Thursday, 21 June 2012

Slow is Beautiful

Today was a really relaxing day with my lovely husband at home as well. One of those days where you do not have anything planned, nothing that you must do, no one to see and you are free to do whatever you fancy... This happens so rarely with us that it is like a mini-holiday - a burst of sunshine and lightness! It was cold and rainy but that did not really matter. We kept the heater on and just quietly went about our hobbies. Even Little B was really happy doing his own thing most of the day, once Big B had gone to school - pottering amid the duplo, the finger puppets and the dinosaur books.

For me of course, free time means knitting and I got a few things done so the to-do list no longer looks quite as daunting. I have finished knitting the pink Frog Tree Yarn baby sleeveless cardigan and it is now blocked out to dry. It will still need some embellishments to make the seemingly random array of eyelets make sense! The Frog Tee Yarn was beautiful to work with and looks like it will suit this little cardigan. I took the board outside to take a quick picture in between rainy periods.

Spurred on by finishing the Frog Tree cardigan, I started on the little test knit beanie I'm doing and am about half way - yay! I love beanies and this one is no exception. I'm using up some of my leftover Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply. It is so nice to go back to 8ply after several weeks using smaller needles and yarn. This beanie is knitting up quite quickly!

Lastly, I have one and a half snails to go to finish the baby blanket for our new little niece/nephew. Apparently, there have been no twinges yet so fingers crossed, I should make it on time!

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