Thursday, 28 June 2012

Welcome Little Nephew!

Very exciting news! Our little nephew MJ was born today and both Mum and baby are doing well. There is so much excitement throughout the family for this new little addition. Knitting needles have been flashing, hard at work to get ready for the big event among lady folk amid family and friends. There is one little person who wasn't so excited and that is little B. He mentioned to me that he would be far too busy drawing to meet little MJ - no time Mum! His older brother though was much more excited at the idea.

So that means that I have finished a lot of my major projects on the go...the Snail Cardigan and the Snail Odyssey blanket as well as the test knits so only my DROPS cardigan and sewing up of the Pink Frog Yarn cardigan (although I can take my time with that one now!).  I've got a couple pictures below of the Snail Odyssey Blanket in its natural environment, the veggie patch.

So....the mind starts wandering....what will I do next.....something for a baby, something lacy or perhaps some home decoration project? Who knows!

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