Sunday, 8 July 2012

Beginnings and Endings

Well, today marks the end of my DROPS cardigan project - yes, unbelievably it is off the needles and here are a few rather 'innovative pictures' taken by Little B and Big B (most happened to be of my feet and no, I didn't chop my head off the shots - all pre-done by my darlings!). This was the cardigan made in one piece from the beautiful Linbel by Phildar cotton/linen yarn given to me by my aunt during my trip to France last year. The cardigan has not been washed and blocked yet. Given the length of time it has taken me to make this (about 2 months!) - I couldn't wait to see if it fit! Not quite sure what I will wear it with yet....hmmm, shopping trip required?

I love the shadow of the little photographer poised to take the shot!

It is also a rare occasion where I have nothing left on my needles and have to start some new projects! I'm a little at a loss at the moment as to what to choose- I'm feeling a little exhausted so it might take me a few days to decide. This takes the mid-year tally to about 20 items - great time to pause! See below a picture of the finished Tiger Lily Tunic complete with buttons - apparently it fit the little recipient - hurray!

In terms of new beginnings, I learned to crochet this weekend! Well, when I say learn to crochet - it was making a chain, double crochet and treble with a friend teaching me with her beautiful yarn and lending me a great book and dvd. I ended up doing a bit of practice last night doing a little crochet flower and just a bit of double crochet. Not very impressive first attempts but I was thrilled to bits to actually be able to do it. Despite my knitting, I don't generally consider myself a crafty person and it is always a bit of a surprise if I get the handle on something! I don't think I'll become a regular at crochet but I'll be keen to try a few embellishments and nifty granny squares!

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