Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lady of Leisure and Wingspan Finished

  My lovely husband and the boys went away this weekend for a break down south with their grandparents. This has been the first weekend on my own since I was in hospital pre-little B's birth and it is a momentous occasion! My lovely husband went on a boys weekend last weekend and felt in had done him a lot of good and suggested I now have my turn. We both work and care for our children in shifts equally and that means that we have very little time to ourselves. Now that they are almost four and five and a half, we are now trying to make a bit of time to pursue our own interests and regain a little energy, balance and zing. So, in summary, that is why I have now been a lady of leisure for 2 days!!

I had grand visions of what this weekend would entail - plenty of catch ups with girlfriends, lots of shopping (particularly for shoes and clothes - it is so hard trying to fit that in the one hour you have to do shopping on your own or even worse with the boys!) and of course, lots of time knitting. Unfortunately, my little boys left me a parting present of a monster of all sinusy colds and so my plans are still great but a little less extravagant. The revised schedule is now a couple of catch ups (have to miss out on seeing little MJ), swapping shopping for watching DVDs and still plenty of knitting and hopefully sleeping. A truly beautiful lazy weekend.

I also had a bit of a knitting plan worked out. I leave you to judge its doability! I've added where I'm up to with each element.
  • Finish the Wingspan over the Oceans for my sister-in-law. This was made with the beautiful Jalbrook Alpaca random-dyed cotton in 4ply (tick)
  • Do some design work to prepare for pattern testing (in progress)
  • Knit up a swatch of Bendigo Woollen Mills Serenade in preparation for making the Chloe cardigan for Amity (she's a gorgeous little chatterbox who will be turning three soon. I bought two skeins of hand-dyed "Sweet as Candy" that is made with a Serenade base from Candy Apple Lane (see below). (Yarn has been prepared but swatch still to be done)

  • Commence a sock with the Happy yarn I bought last week teaching myself the magic loop method (Watched how to do it but haven't commenced yet).
  • Practice a little crochet (I've done a tiny bit - not very successfully).
  • Start a new wingspan for Jodie, an amazing, enthusiastic science teacher. I've found a bright and vibrant Katia Darling yarn in bright blues and green which should work well I think. Yarn has been prepped and I've already cast it on. I can see it is going to be just as addictive as the last one as the colour gradients are just amazing. The terrible indoor picture below doesn't really do justice to the beautiful ocean blues and greens of this yarn. I think you'll be seeing a lot more of it!

  • Make up a little beanie or cardigan for MJ (in my dreams I think :-) ).

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