Friday, 20 July 2012

Pause for Thought

Due to a monster of a cold, I've had to scale back on my knitting (down to zero last night). However, that little pause did make me think about my own journey in knitting and so I'm sharing with you some of my first projects. Seeing those, I'm proud that they were put to good use and much loved despite the flaws in the knitting

Here is my first project ever a garter stitch scarf in Patons Inca for my husband, along with my third and fourth projects (beanies for my lovely husband and my Big B to match his Dad). I learned to knit with the Patons Inca How to Knit book so many of my first projects were done in Inca! I still have a bit of a soft spot for that yarn. So many hours spent with it between my fingers and when you're a beginner, projects do take a very long time!

Here is my first full on jumper for Little B (a Patons Country jumper with a Patons classic jumpers pattern bought at a swap meet). I was so proud of this but devastated that it had a line of twisted knitting for a short part in the upper front part of the sweater (hence the iron train patch) and also I had nightmares with the shoulder shaping (hence the buttons to hide the bumpy shoulder line). Believe it or not, this little jumper was worn to death.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my first intarsia project, which was not a winner due to the small v-neck size so while it was made for Big B, little B got to wear it for a bit. It was made out of cotton which was error number 2 as hiding the millions of ends in cotton is very tricky. I was not quite sure about the colours but this was sale yarn and you can't say no to sale yarn.

It's great to have a little reminder that it is not necessarily the technical ability of the knits which are prized but the love behind them.

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