Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Baby 'Sweet as Candy' Chloe Cardigans

There are at least two babies due soon among the mummies in Big B's year at school and I am determined to welcome into the world with a little beautiful woolly surprise. As I know that both these little babies will be girls and that they only have brothers, it is a chance to give them something really girly as their mums can't wait to fill their wardrobes!

The little Chloe cardigan I made last week was so easy I've decided to make two more newborn sizes in Candy Apple Lane's 'Sweet as Candy' yarn with different trims for variety. One will have a light pink trim and the other a light blue trim. To cater for the limited time these mums will have to look after their clothes, I have modified the ruffle (based on other knitters' experiences with this cardigan shared on Ravelry) substituting two rows of garter stitch before casting off. This is to ensure the ruffle stays down a bit more without blocking it. It has really surprised me how little time they take to knit! I've finished one (just needs to be blocked and the button added) and the other, I should finish tonight.


After these little beauties, it is probably time to knit the mittens Little B has been dreaming of. He's mentioned several times that he would like mittens for his birthday and so it is important that a pair materialise before the end of the month!

If you haven't done so already, check out the yarn giveaway competition on the A Passionate Yarn facebook page, the competition closes tomorrow at 7.30pm Perth time! Both yarns are beautiful and will be an asset to your stash.

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