Thursday, 9 August 2012

Overcoming My Fear of Socks

The little baby Chloe cardigans are in the backyard drying and it is time to turn my attention once again to my other projects before starting on the mittens for Little B. I thought I'd show you were I am at with my neglected sock project, which is my project for in-between projects and perhaps my  next on-the-plane project.

I am knitting a pair of Plain Vanilla Socks which is a great free beginner sock pattern by Keri McKiernan. I'm learning the magic loop method as I go and trying to conquer my fear of sock knitting. I'm using Wendy Happy Sock wool to also inspire me to continue!

Why such a fear of socks? Well, my first pair of socks was an absolute disaster and in fact, I never got to start the second sock (evidence below). It was a pattern from a magazine using chunky wool and it looked just perfect for my lovely husband. However, a combination of my own inexperience and errors in the pattern ensured I had this single sock experience three times (as I undid and redid the whole sock a number of times). Even after completing all of these changes, as you can see, this sock was pretty much useless to my husband and the project got pushed to the bottom of my stash box. It is still lagging there awaiting to be either thrown out or frogged - not sure which it will be at this stage.
This time, the aim is not to have a perfect sock but just to finish two socks that at least vaguely look like socks and would fit a human being! I'm intending to knit a few more rows tonight and tackle the heel flap part!

The wool for Little B's mittens has been chosen - a beautiful blue, green Naturally Loyal. Just awaiting pattern inspiration!

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