Sunday, 12 August 2012

Poky Hedgehog Mittens

I was waiting until this morning to write my post since, going to plan, I would have had a beautiful little hedghog mitten to show you. Little B has set his heart on the Poky Hedgehog Mittens by Jennifer Little.They are really beautiful and should not be too difficult to do. By the way, check out also the little spotted toadstool beret in the same range - it is really very cute!

I'm doing the hedehog in black and grey Panda Magnum Soft yarns. Yes, I know acrylic is unlike me but I've got a serious shortage of 8ply yarn at the moment and a huge stash of black and grey Panda Magnum Soft which was originally meant for a jumper for my lovely husband (his request for the yarn). The black and grey should work well for these little mittens.

It rained a lot of the day yesterday and was a perfect day for knitting. Unfortunately, while I made great progress on the mitten (more than 3/4 of the way through one mitten), I realised firstly that a) it was way to big (it fit me perfectly!) so tinked it back to a reasonable size and b) somehow had way too many stitches (I somehow misunderstood how the increases were worked even though the pattern is quite clear). End result, I had to undo the entire mitten last night, which was heart-breaking.

So no pictures today of the mitten, better luck during the week hopefully!

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