Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rainbow over Rainy Skies

The heavens have opened and over the last two days, the rain has been pelting down over Perth. After quite a long dry and cold spell, we're all relishing the sound of rain in the morning and the garden is perking up a bit. Below is the boys' wheelbarrow with last night's rain collection in it (ignore the weeds....that's this weekend's job!)

Fortunately, all of this rain means good knitting weather and a time when the boys are happy to play inside. It means Mum knitting while reading books about prehistoric predators... so the little 'Sweet as Candy' Chloe Cardigan is almost finished! It's just waiting to be blocked and have buttons and button fasteners put on. Very exciting!

The 'Sweet as Candy' hand-dyed yarn by Candy Apple Lane has been a delight to knit up. I think you'll agree the Smarties or Crayola crayons  effect would suit a little three year old girl very well. This little bolero cardigan should look stunning once blocked (the ruffle will look a little more like one then - in the photos I keep on thinking it looks like yellow octopus tentacles at the moment!).

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