Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scrap of Lace

After all the testosterone and all boy fun of the mittens, I am finally getting to a little scrap of lace I have had swirling in the back of my mind for ages. This is a very, very belated part of a birthday present for one of my sister-in-laws. It has gone through many evolutions in my mind and I think it has been worth the wait.

This is very loosely based on the Quite Contrary short scarf pattern by Hannah Sukut. It is a very short scarf/neck warmer that is meant to be fastened with a brooch - very Victorian/early 1900s. My sister-in-law takes part in quite a few Steampunk events, where early 1900 wear is encouraged so I think this should fit in with the general theme. A cross between Steampunk/ice queen/gentlewoman perhaps?

I've used the basic shaping in garter stitch and method of increasing the stitches in each row. I've added extra stitches though and used the lace pattern from the Geographe Bay Scarf instead of the Cockleshell pattern. I tried the original pattern but it just didn't look right for the look I had in mind. I've also extended the scarf a little so it fits comfortably around the neck and will use a different ruffle around the edge. I will need to pick up well over 300 stitches around the edge - agghh! The intent is for the ruffle to have a stripe of black at the join and then another at the very edge of the ruffle to create a bit more interest.

The yarn I am using is a French yarn - Caline by Bergere de France in a lovely dove grey (in keeping with the theme of the era) and will use a Sheperd 4 ply Babywool for the black. The Caline is a French baby wool bought on my trip to France last year, which is 60% acrylic, 20% worsted and 20% polyamide. While I would normally use a pure wool/cotton for this type of work, I'm hoping that its soft, wash and wear nature will suit any Steampunk adventure and still give enough stitch definition. Originally I had intended a dark blue merino/cashmere for this project but dark blue really doesn't suit Steampunk fashions and I'm hoping this colour combination will be more appropriate.

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